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Products Profile

General Information

Use of micronutrients is essential in agricultural production and it is crucial to develop methodologies for proper formulation of such products. We have evolved a series of micronutrient mixtures to cater to the integrated nutritional requirements of crops. The dictating principles for all our products are farm-sustainability, crop-specificity, soil-specificity and sound technology.

Micnelf USA Inc. has an array of single and multi-nutrient products that we market under our own brand names: Kiecite, Boracol and Micnelf. We also manufacture custom mixtures to cater to the specific needs of the farmer and the crop. Our dealer contacts in key locations around the world enable us to procure quality agro-products that are extremely cost-effective. The triage of quality, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of performance of our products gives us our strength.

Product Range

The Kiecite Series includes zinc-based micronutrient foliar products for a wide variety of crops. These specially formulated products should be used in conjunction with primary and secondary nutrients.

The Micnelf Series is a boron-based specialized foliar series. It has proven effective on a variety of crops. It is most often used as a preventative, as well as a curative, product for micronutrient deficiencies.

The Boracol Series, a combination of essential micronutrients, is one of our key micronutrient soil application products providing prophylactic benefits to the crop. Boracol is developed specifically for plants that cannot be supplied with foliar nutrition like fruit trees and plantation crops.

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